Our line of collectible Handcrafted Magic is well represented by these three classic crowd-pleasers. Products in this series are superior in both craftsmanship and presentation value to an audience.

First in Our Signature Series Collection

The Mini-magic Switchboard

The new Mini-Magic Switchboard allows this classic effect to be done anywhere in the world. This simple-looking device challenges the common assumption that a switch of a specific color will only operate an electric light bulb of the same color, regardless of where the bulb is located. Our new version of both the 110volt and the new battery operated model, with completely redesigned circuitry, have taken Paul Bernhardt's original idea to a new dimension.

Find out more about this clever brain-teaser. It's great for attracting crowds at trade shows!

Also order our instructive video to learn how to master this masterpiece!

Second in Our Signature Series Collection

Guardian of the Grave

We proudly offer the second release in our Signature Series of Handcrafted Miracles, a truly deluxe version of Mark Setteducati's Guardian of the Grave. We've added several enhancements, adding to its mystery and making it more foolproof. Improved electronic circuitry allows us to add several new features.

Find out more about this enigmatic crowd pleaser.

Third in Our Signature Series Collection

Newton's Nightmare

In 1687, Isaac Newton set down in writing his laws of motion. In 2003, Wellington Enterprises breaks his laws and you can demonstrate that with the third release in our Signature Series Collection. The action takes place in the spectator’s hands and the props appear quite ordinary. The magician displays an aluminum tube about a foot and a half long and a small brass block that easily fits into the tube. Ask a spectator to hold the tube vertically with one hand and drop the block into the top with the other and then catch it at the bottom with the same hand. The block falls to the bottom in a fraction of a second. The quick can catch it.

This is a nifty brain-teaser!


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