This exciting illusion, invented by Ken Whitticker many years ago for his own act, has proven to be popular with many famous illusionists. Our version features several improvements in design and we are proud to offer it. For those unfamiliar with the effect, a bright chrome sword is placed atop a mirror ball, which is atop a stand. An assistant is next placed onto the tip of the sword. While balanced there, the magician gives the assistant a spin. Suddenly and dramatically, she drops down, the sword impaling her and protruding through her body. Next, she slowly levitates up the sword until she is again resting on its tip. She is now lifted off the sword, none the worse for her ordeal.

The illusion can be built with several options. In the basic version, the assistant is lifted onto the tip of the sword. Other options include a larger top on the stand, to allow the magician and theassistant enough room to stand on. A special harness allows the assistant to back up to the sword and then be pivoted onto it. This version also includes steps to allow the magician and the assistant to walk up to the top of the illusion. Our version of the illusion includes an electronic control system that you can adjust to very specific time delays. This high-tech system offer precise repeatability. Small warning lights on the unit cue the performer so that no counting is necessary.

A variety of options are available.
Please call for details and prices.

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