There is no deception in our craftsmanship!

Although a large portion of our work involves custom designed illusions, we carry our own versions of popular illusions in stock. Each of these illusions can be purchased as shown or can be customized to meet your special requirements. Feel free to call us at 845-429-3377 for information about the illusions we can custom-make for you!

Ariel Broom Suspension:The broom suspension has long been a popular "do anywhere" illusion. In this classic effect, the performer's assistant is ultimately lifted to a 90 degree angle, suspended horizontally on one broom. See Details.

Asrah Levitation:This dramatic and visible vanish of a levitating woman continues to be popular with audiences. See Details.

Backstage with a Magician: The magician lets the audience see how an assistant is produced inside a box ­ only to have a man appear instead! A great industrial presentation can feature the suprise appearance of a company executive. See Details.

Blaney's Great Escape: The finely decorated cabinet features translucent panels. Lights outside each of these panels allow the audience a clear view through the back and sides from inside the cabinet. This feature, combined with a unique base design brings the classic sword cabinet to a new level of deceptionSee Details.

Crystal Casket: Six plexiglass sheets are placed, one-by-one, on an open aluminum frame. The casket is covered by a cloth, then removed to reveal a girl inside. See Details.

Flatman Illusion: A comic illusion where a man gets his tie caught in a roller on a box and comes out through the rollers as flat as a pancake, only to reappear in the audience after being fired out of a cannon. A great illusion for industrial shows.

Impaled: An exciting illusion where an assistant is impaled on a sword, then slowly levitates up the sword until she is resting on its tip. Several options are available for this illusion. See Details.

See-Thru Guillotine: This new version of the head chopper is a real fooler. The stocks are transparent and the blade never leaves the view of the audience. The only chopper that can cut vegetables above, below, and to each side of the head. Pros give it rave reviews! See Details

See-Thru Guillotine

See-Thru Guillotine Blade Stand: A matching stand which provides a convenient place to store the blade during your routine. Fast and easy assembly. See Details.

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To order or inquire about any of the products described here call:
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or write to:
Bill Schmeelk
at Wellington Enterprises
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Monster Guillotine: A very intimidating guillotine, over 9 feet tall. This chopper provides the illusion that the victim's head is actually cut off, and the audience actually sees the head fall into the basket. The guillotine breaks down for packing; a "non-dropping head "version is also available. See Details.

Origami Illusion: Jim Steinmeyer's extremely clever and puzzling illusion where an assistant appears to enter a 12" square box, unbelieveable enough, only to have three long samuri swords thrust into the box from all sides. A version using broken mirror pieces instead of the swords is also available. In this version, the broken mirror is restored as the final illusion. See Details.

Shadow Box: A box on a platform is made up of wooden frames with paper sides. An electric light is moved around the outside of the box, then placed inside the box, revealing nothing inside. Slowly shadows form, and a lady bursts through the paper. See Details.

The Wakeling Sawing: An updated version of the original Sawing Through a Woman. Finely finished oak boxes are placed over an assistant cuffed to a table. Swords and steel blades are pushed through the box, the boxes are separated, then placed back together. The girl is still in her original secured position, fully restored. See Details.

Walking Through a Mirror: The magician stands behind a large mirror, with just his feet showing below and his hands placed through two holes cut into the mirror. After unrolling then dropping a cloth, the magician has penetrated the mirror and is standing in front of it. See Details.

The Lady in the Puzzle: allow frame, rearranged several times, finally to have a girl appear. Other variations are available. See Details.

Zig Zag Illusion: Our version of this illusion requires no roller blinds and the graphics of the assistant on the outside are made up of separate painted plaques, allowing a sense of dimension and easy replacement when necessary. See Details.


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