Monster Guillotine

Monster Guillotine Look at the photo and you'll see why we call this the Monster Guillotine. At over 9 feet tall, it's more than intimidating. This chopper provides the illusion that the victim's head is actually cut off. The audience actually sees the head fall off into the basket. To appreciate the full effect, have a look at our demonstration video. Although this type of guillotine is commonly called a "Will Rock Guillotine", our method is different, foolproof and safe for the person whose head is at risk. The guillotine features an elaborate crank-up system to raise the blade and a special scissor system to release it when it reaches the top. Mechanically, the guillotine is made to withstand heavy usage. Although solidly constructed, it breaks down for packing. We can also make this type of guillotine in a version which does not drop the head, but allows the use of a spectator as in a traditional guillotine routine.

A demonstration of the Monster Guillotine can be seen on our See-Thru Guillotine Video demonstration tape.

Price $7500.00

Deluxe version with side panels (as pictured)
Price: $8500.00


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