Third in Our Signature Series Collection
Newton's Nightmare

Sir Isaac NewtonIn 1687, Isaac Newton set down in writing his laws of motion. In 2006, Wellington Enterprises breaks his laws and you can demonstrate that with the third release in our Signature Series Collection. The action takes place in the spectator’s hands and the props appear quite ordinary. The magician displays an aluminum tube about a foot and a half long and a small brass block that easily fits into the tube. Ask a spectator to hold the tube vertically with one hand and drop the block into the top with the other and then catch it at the bottom with the same hand. The block falls to the bottom in a fraction of a second. The quick can catch it.

Offer to make the task easier. The magician removes a very special rock from its suede bag explaining that it is an actual piece of moon rock. Amazingly, even on earth, this rock retains its unique lunar properties. Explaining that gravity on the moon is one sixth that of earth, the spectator is asked to pass the moon rock along the length of the tube and then to try the drop again. This time, the block defies gravity and falls slowly through the tube. You have to see this to believe it. Holes along the length of the tube allow everyone to see the block floating down the length of the tube. The spectator must wait with his hand at the bottom of the tube for the block to fall through.

The demonstration is repeated with a flat aluminum strip. The spectator is asked to initial a small sticker that is then attached to the brass block. Next he’s asked to hold the flat strip at a steep angle and to place the brass block at the top and release it. The block glides quickly down. The spectator passes the moon rock along the length of the strip and tries it again. Even though the marked block has remained in the spectator’s possession, it now glides slowly and eerily down the strip proving the powers of the moon rock!

Everything can be minutely examined. They will find nothing. We supply all you need for the complete presentation. It’s easy to do and a real fooler. In fact, it’s so unique that you’ll amuse yourself with it. If only Isaac Newton could see this!

Price includes aluminum tube, aluminum strip, brass block, "moon rock," suede bag, labels, two precision machined gimmicks, and detailed instructions.

Price: $149.95

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