Blaney's Escape!

View VideoWalter Blaney came up with his unique version of the sword cabinet back in 1979 and Wellington Enterprises built it for him. Since then, Walter has added improvements and now Wellington is proud to add new features to its mechanical design.

The Great Escape is Walter Blaney's unique improvement to the classic sword cabinet illusion. The finely decorated cabinet features translucent panels. Lights outside each of these panels allow the audience a clear view through the back and sides from inside the cabinet. This feature, combined with a unique base design brings the classic sword cabinet to a new level of deception.

Fine Craftsmanship!The cabinet in Walter's routine is presented as an escape. The lady assistant enters the cabinet,
completely filling it, and must escape before 12 polished blades are thrust through the cabinet from all directions. When failure seems apparent, the magician opens the cabinet showing that the lady has indeed made good her escape. Lights from the outside are clearly seen flashing through the walls from the inside. There is simply no room to hide. Once the swords are removed, the lady reappears, having changed her dress during her absence.

This illusion will fool audiences under all conditions. There are no angle problems and the illusion can be performed up close and surrounded. Great for trade shows - each sword makes a point and the illusion can be easily repeated.

Here's an exciting illusion with flashing lights, a pretty lady, mystery, packs small and can be performed under the harshest conditions. Perhaps a better name would be The Magician's Dream!

Price: $8900.00
Inquire about custom ATA cases.

The Perfect Illusion for the Trade Show Magician

  • TradeshowNo angle problems...can be done surrounded.
  • Can be viewed as close up as possible...with no clue as to how it's done.
  • Needs only one lady assistant....easy to train. She is not uncomfortable when hidden.
  • It's self contained. Set it up, plug it in, and it's ready to perform.
  • High enough and big enough to be seen easily while on the hall's floor. 
  • No get-ready problem (such as needing a hidden place to load in an assistant before each show). The assistant enters and exits the illusion while the audience is watching.

    The illusion sits in full view between shows, attracting attention from all those passing by. Have a clock-sign resting on top of box saying " Next show - 2:30 "
    Repeat as often as desired. After each presentation it's ready to go again. ( If costume change is used, between shows simply turn box around, retrieve hidden costume into a bag, close doors and turn box to front again. )
    Easy to tie-in the client's sales points. For example, the swords can each " make a point". Or, " If business problems make you feel BOXED-IN, our products help you make THE GREAT ESCAPE."
    Customers return to see a performance again and again, often bringing other customers with them. Word of mouth accolades keep increasing the crowd size.
    From one show to the next customers argue over whether the lady is somehow hidden in the box or that she actually escapes. They change their minds back and forth each time they see it....and they never figure it out.
    Transportable. Packs down into two A.T.A. cases on casters : 42 X 43 X 12 weighs 165 lbs (75 kg ), 34 X 31 X 13 weighs 160 lbs (72 kg ). So you have a major stage illusion in just two cases weighing a total of only 325 lbs (147 kg).
    You can charge the client enough extra per day to pay for the illusion with just several three-day trade shows. From then on it's thousands of dollars extra profit for you!

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