Backstage with a Magician

In this illusion, the magician apparently lets his audience have a behind-the-scenes look at how he produces his assistant. The illusion is turned around, giving the audience a view from the back and the magician faces the back wall of the stage, performing to an imaginary audience. The audience sees the assistant hiding and sees exactly how the trick works. But, when the production from the box is made, although the audience saw the assistant crawl into the box, she is gone and a man produced instead. The audience has been completely taken in and fooled. This is another great illusion for industrial presentations, featuring the production of an important executive as the surprise finish. Our version of this illusion incorporates several unique features, making it very easy for the executive to effectively participate in the illusion. The boxes are also designed to permit a graceful exit for the person produced, avoiding an awkward climb out.

Price: $7500.00

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