Ariel Broom Suspension

The Ariel Broom Suspension has long been a popular, do-anywhere illusion. In this classic effect, the performer places a broom under each arm of his assistant as she stands on a small elevated stand. The stand is removed and the assistant remains, balanced on the brooms with her feet above the floor. Next, one of the two brooms is removed and the assistant remains balanced. Next, the assistant is lifted to a 45-degree angle and finally to a 90-degree angle, suspended horizontally on one broom. We have also used other themes as appropriate, such as ski poles, a guitar on a stool, florescent bulbs, candy canes, microphone stand, etc. Our illusion is built in our own shop and has been designed to be extremely strong and dependable. The harness itself is not cast, but is machined from a single block of mil-spec aircraft aluminum. The shape has been redesigned to make it extremely strong yet light in weight.

Price: $3995.00
Contact us about custom-made versions and themes.

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