A finely finished walnut board is shown to have four differently colored light bulbs, each with a switch of the same color in front of it. When the red switch is turned on, the red bulb in front of it illuminates. As each switch is turned on, the correspondingly colored bulb in front of it lights. Nothing special so far. Now in an attempt to confuse the spectator, the first two bulbs are removed from their sockets and their positions reversed, so that they no longer line up with their matching switch. Even so, each switch still operates only its matching colored bulb. Throughout the routine, all the bulbs are moved around and still, each switch operates only the bulb matching its color. Finally, with all the bulbs mixed up, the performer explains that it was better with all the bulbs in front of their respective switch. Rather than unscrew all the bulbs, there is a faster way to straighten things out. The colored cap on each switch is removed and replaced in front of its matching bulb. Again all switches are turned on and each colored switch operates only its matching bulb.

Why does this work? We don't know! It's all in the board. The board is designed to look old fashioned, belying the electronic wizardry inside. The sockets, switches, and bulbs are ungimmicked. In fact, the bulbs could be borrowed from the audience. The board is entirely self contained, no separate gimmicks to hide. The spectators can decide the position of the bulbs and even flip the switches. Once the bulbs are lit, the switches can be turned on and off as often as desired and in any order, yet each colored switch will operate only the colored bulb which matches it. It's devilishly clever!

We've included another routine using four white bulbs and playing cards. The bulbs tell you which spectator picked each card. Instead of four playing cards you can use four different objects or product cards. Great for trade shows! The board measures 16 inches by 9 inches. Harry Anderson has used it on TV's Tonight show and The Late Late Show. It's so simple to operate you'll entertain yourself with it. Plug the cord into any 110 volt outlet and let the fun begin.

Also available - the Mini-Magic Switchboard which operates on batteries and measures 10 inches by 6 inches Our latest version of each board also features a Thomas A. Edison logo decal, adding to its authentic old time look. Either version - $450.00.

Price: $450.00
Plus $15.00 shipping and handling
New York residents please add appropriate sales tax
Demonstration DVD #1: $14.95

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