The Floating Table

The Floating TableThe Wright Way to Float a Table

The Floating Table has long been a favorite of magicians and mentalists. Now, Tim Wright's ingenious new method, and fine craftsmanship and design by Wellington Enterprises, come together to produce a sensational one-man floating table.

This new, improved method removes several of the drawbacks of earlier models. In performance, the table is seen to be quite ordinary. Coins, or other items can be placed on the tabletop to prove its solidity. The performer borrows a handkerchief and asks that it be placed onto the tabletop. The performer places his hand over the handkerchief, never touching the bare tabletop.

The table is then seen to rise. It floats upward, to the right and left. It floats forward and, at one point, the table is seen to revolve in a full circle under the performer's hands. The table rests and the performer tilts the table forward toward the audience, causing the handkerchief to slide off from the top of the table. It's that clean!

Detail of The Floating Table

Paul Daniels, England's veteran performer, said, "This is what a floating table should look like."

Illusionist, Peter Reveen said, "This is the Rolls Royce of floating tables."

Look at these superior features:

*The table appears to be constructed entirely of solid oak.
*There is nothing for the spectators to see ­ not even a pinhole.
*The performer's hands never go below the tabletop.
*There are no buttons or screwheads to press.
*The table is under the performer's control.
*The table is crafted from oak veneers and finished in clear lacquer.
*The four legs are easily removed for packing.
*Table measures 28" x 19.5" x 31" high.

Price: $795.00
Shipped in a protective wooden crate.
$895.00 with deluxe wooden carrying case.

Special Edition in Walnut:
$895.00 in a protective wooden crate.
$995.00 with deluxe wooden carrying case.

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