The most Mystifying, Practical and Portable All-Purpose Prediction Ever! The Master Predictor

Here's the effect of this new easy to perform prediction. A small finely made chest hangs in full view on one side of the stage. At any time in your act, you invite members of the audience to call out or freely select anything you wish - numbers, cities, foods, names, etc. - with no controls or conditions. All selections are made freely and without the use of any force. The performer writes these on a board so that they remain in full view.

Next, calling attention to the chest, you explain that inside it is a "Time Capsule" containing a prediction of the selections just named by the audience members. You open the chest and remove the large time capsule. It is a clear plastic container measuring 9 inches in height and over 4 inches in diameter. The lid is unscrewed and an audience member removes a large sealed #10 envelope. He opens it and reads the prediction. It is 100% correct!!!

Look at these unbelievable features:

  • Use for a headline prediction, AND a nest of boxes type effect in which a borrowed watch, bracelet, or wallet appears inside the chest.
  • Great for trade shows, sales meetings, cruise ships, etc. where a custom prediction is very powerful and commercial.
  • The prediction can be large and folded as often as necessary to fit inside the capsule.
  • Built in the Wellington tradition, rugged and reliable.
  • Easy to do and can be done within six feet of the audience.
  • Extremely portable.
  • Includes Wellington's new Ultimate Table Base - strong and sturdy yet packs small. After working with several existing table bases,we decided that the only way to get the ultimate table base,one that would meet the demanding needs of a professional perfomer, was to design one from scratch. Look at these unique features.

Master Prediction system is complete with several of Dick Zimmerman's original routines plus many tips.

Price: $2,995.00
Fitted Poly Case: $200.00 ATA Case: $350.00

Clear-VueCheck out our new Clear-Vue Master Prediction!
Once again Wellington has improved upon a masterpiece!

See Details.


Announcing Wellinton's Ultimate Table Base! Finally -a strong table base designed to travel! After working with several existing table bases,we decided that the only way to get the ultimate table base,one that would meet the demanding needs of a professional perfomer,was to design one from scratch.After many months of experimentation,we proudly present the Wellington Ultimate Table Base. We designed it from the ground up with a combination of features you won't find on other table bases. Look at these unique features:

Ultimate Table Base

  • The table is heavy duty and rugged. It is difficult to tip and made to withstand constant usage.
  • The base packs small and will easily fit in suitcase.The striking design complements any stage setting.
  • There are no loose bolts or nuts required for assembly.
  • A unique design allows the table base to fold up easily,yet lock securely when opened.
  • The legs of the base have been machined for casters and the base is supplied with high quality Shepard casters.
  • The three point base means that the table will stand securely without wobbling - no levelers required.
  • The specially made flange is wide for extra support.
  • The center column is made from thick wall aluminum tubing designed to resist denting and unscrews at the center using heavy-duty threads that are virtually impossible to cross thread.

Ultimate Table Base Price: $375.00 w/casters
without casters

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