Mini-magic SwitchboardWe're proud to announces our new Signature Series of Handcrafted Magic. Products in this series will be superior in both craftsmanship and presentation VALUE to an audience. Number 1 in this series is a new BATTERY OPERATED close-up version of our Magic Switchboard.

The new Mini-Magic Switchboard allows this classic effect to be done anywhere in the world. This simple-looking device challenges the common assumption that a switch of a specific color will only operate an electric light bulb of the same color, regardless of where the bulb is located. Our new version of both the 110volt and the new battery operated model, with completely redesigned circuitry, have taken Paul Bernhardt's original idea to a new dimension.

The Mini-Magic Switchboard consists of a finely finished board with four electrical switches and four lamp sockets mounted in two parallel rows. The four switch caps are colored to match the four light bulbs. With this arrangement you can demonstrate that each switch will operate only its similarly colored bulb, regardless of which socket the bulb is in. You can even change the positions of both the bulbs and the switch caps and the correlation between each switch cap and its matching bulb still holds. The switches, bulbs, sockets and the switch caps are perfectly ordinary and their examination will provide no clue to the method. The board is entirely self contained, no separate gimmicks to hide. The spectators can decide the position of the bulbs and even flip the switches. Once the bulbs are lit, the switches can be turned on and off as often as desired and in any order, yet each colored switch will operate only its matching colored bulb. It's devilishly clever. We've included another routine using four white bulbs and playing cards. The bulbs tell you which spectator picked each card. Instead of four playing cards you can use four different objects or product cards. It's great for trade shows! It's so simple to operate you'll entertain yourself with it.

The board is designed to look old-fashioned, belying the electronic wizardry inside and even includes Thomas A. Edison markings. With this improved version, when the board is initially turned on, you are able to light the bulbs in any order. This new twist will make it even less likely that someone will stumble across the clever method. The new Mini Magic Switchboard is supplied with an extra set of bulbs. The new circuitry is now included in both the 110 volt and the new Mini version.

E-mail us or write for details about updating a previously purchased board.

Price: $450.00 plus $15.00 shipping

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